Get Movin’ Monday – Simple Tips on Dancing Your Way to a Healthy Body

Can you achieve real weight loss by simply taking up dancing classes?

Yes you can as it is an excellent form of exercise and increased heart rate.

The effectiveness of the dancing depends on the routine you chose. A waltz will use fewer calories than a salsa.

Going to a dance class is a great way to kick start your exercise program. You are more likely to keep going if you enjoy the activity.

Combine having fun whilst trying to lose weight and you will increase your chances of successfully fitting into smaller outfits.

Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin' Monday – 'Dancing with the Stars' Weight Loss!Is Weight Loss by Dancing Possible? Simple Tips on Dancing Your Way to a Healthy Body By Peyton Paige

But dancing alone won’t be sufficient to lose much weight.

You will erase your hard work if you come home from dance class and eat fatty foods.

When trying to lose pounds, you need to watch both your diet and your exercise program. Dancing will help to tone your body whilst losing calories but you also need to address your diet.

When trying to lose weight the first thing we should do is assess our current diet. What are your weak spots?

Some people can’t go to work without their favorite latte or chocolate drink with whipped cream.

It is little treats like this that can play havoc with your waist line and healthy lifestyle…

Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Weight Loss! By Terri MacLeod

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Millions will tune into ABC’s mega-hit “Dancing with the Stars” tonight. While some fans are mesmerized by watching their favorite celebs dance, others tune in to catch the miraculous body transformation of the star contestants.

‘These celebrities come on the show and in just two to three weeks into it you’re already seeing results on their bodies,” reveals “DWTS” pro Chelsie Hightower to Healthy Hollywood. Chelsie, 21, who teamed up with Romeo this season, says he came into the competition toned and left it super buff, adding, “he lost that extra layer of flab he had on his abs and arms.”

Chelsie reveals to Healthy Hollywood that “DWTS” has inspired numerous fans to get out there and dance. “People realize how good dancing is for the body. And it’s a different type of exercise because people can do it for a long time because it’s fun and doesn’t feel like you’re working out.”

There are a series of “DWTS” exercise DVDs to help us normal folks learn how to shake it to a sexy, lean body. To coincide with the 11th season, 2 new workouts recently debuted, Dancing with the Stars: Fat-Burning Cardio Dance and Dancing with the Stars: Ballroom Buns & Abs – led by Chelsie, Kym Johnson, and Edyta Sliwinska. “We pick a lot of the same moves we do on the show and apply it to these DVDs and it’s more beneficial because we’re gearing it towards toning and calorie burning,” adds Chelsie.

These fat-busting moves come from dances like the Mambo, the Tango, the Hustle – and even Ballroom.

Your Chief Health Investigator Recommends to Get Your Own Copy of Fat-Burning Cardio Dance and Dancing with the Stars DVD:

Article Sources: EzineArticles, AccessHollywood
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