High Point Fire Department in North Carolina Violates Occupational Safety and Health Act

United States (North Carolina)Occupational Safety and Health Act violations weren’t the only issues related to the High Point Fire Department that recently cost the city money.

City Manager Strib Boynton revealed last week that testing and abating mold problems at fire stations 12 and 13, as well as the department’s headquarters fire station, cost $62,057.

Firefighter complaints last summer led to an mold inspection and cleanup process separate from an OSHA investigation that ended in March because mold is not covered by OSHA regulations. The mold problem resulted in a $57,000 penalty.

High Point Fire Department in North Carolina Violates Occupational Safety and Health Act“The HPFD leadership team expressed surprise when first learning of the initial mold complaints, and although records show they had been notified of the mold problems, no corrective action had been taken to abate the problems,” Boynton said.

The manager described the problems as one of a series of “management and judgment lapses” by the department’s former leadership, which “also expressed repeated equal surprise as the far more serious safety and health problems surfaced during the resulting five-and-a-half-month OSHA safety and health investigation.”

In addition to mold cleanup costs and OSHA fines, the city recently invested $203,000 in new turnout gear and other firefighter safety equipment necessary to bring the HPFD into compliance with OSHA, he said.

Read more at Fire Fighting News. – High Point Enterprise

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Image by hse.gov.uk

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