Today, with the rapid diversification of human activity and with so much activities that must be done, we come face to face with stress  and  encounter various stressors in everyday life. With more people feel stressed, there are others that consider stress as a common situation in their life not realizing that  it can ruin your physical and mental health and cause so much.

Have you ever heard of illnesses caused by stress? You may think that health problems are the result of bacteria or viruses. What many people do not realize is that stress can also disable the body’s immune system to make you more susceptible to germs in the environment.

Stress often is accompanied by an array of physical, mental, emotional and behavioral reactions. This  symptoms include sleep disturbances such as insomnia or waking frequently, agitated behavior, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, lack of energy and fatigue. Mental signs include general negative attitudes or thoughts, constant worry, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness.

With all this symptoms, stress, especially the unrelenting kind for which there is no relief, can play havoc with your body’s ability to fight off microscopic invaders or to operate the way it is supposed to. Stress has also been a cause of a lot of physical illnesses like heart disease, suppression of the immune system, skin problems, elevated blood pressure and most importantly, cancer.

So how do we battle stress in our daily life? While we cannot avoid stress, we can take steps to manage it. In this way, we can prepare our body to fight the damaging effect of stress.

First, we must try and exercise more. Just by simply walking your dog in the park is a good start. Exercise will get the blood flowing and make you feel better. Second is to get enough sleep.By getting enough sleep, it will give you more energy to perform your task during the day and make you feel refreshed. Third is to eat right. Eating foods that are high in minerals and antioxidants can actually help fuel the body throughout the day and reduce stress. Lastly, search for safe and effective nutritional supplements that can boost our immune system, helps fight stress and give optimum health.

One example of safe and effective nutritional supplement for stress is the  ReloraMax. This product is natural proprietary blend of a patented extract of Magnolia officinalis and a proprietary extract from Phellodendron amurense. This supplement was specifically made and has a high rate of effectiveness in both stress, anxiety relief and in appetite control. The makers of this product note that it is one of only a few supplements that can relieve stress without causing sedative side effects.

These are all sound alternatives to fight stress in our daily lives. Even if the world is moving crazy and very fast, take the time to slow down, breathe and take it one day at a time.

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  1. I love 2 know more on this

  2. stress often experienced by every person who usually have high activity. I think by doing it refreshing to relieve stress