How to Stay Motivated and Focused With Your Work From Home Online Business

Too often people start a work from home online business only to give up in frustration. Many throw in the towel long before they should.

They give up and decide it just isn’t going to work, even though they didn’t wait long enough to see if their hard work would come to fruition.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and here are some tips to help you stay motivated and focused.

How to Stay Motivated and Focused With Your Work From Home Online Business by Alan Mater

How to Stay Motivated and Focused With Your Work From Home Online Business

1.Decide right now how important your goals are, and stop at nothing to achieve them.
2. You must set achievable goals so that you can reach your dream.
3. Keep working at it every day.
4. Stay focused by doing only one task at a time.
5. Don’t get side-tracked!
6. Don’t believe the garbage you hear.

How to Stay Focused When Working Online As a Freelancer by Adeniyi Adesanya

  • Plan Your Time Well: To stay focused and become more efficient with your day, it is important you bucket your time into various categories.
  • Put Your Alerts under Control: Yes, notifications such as Yahoo! IM, AOL, RSS readers, etc that pop up are vital in ensuring you keep up to date with latest news and information, however, they can derail your path to productivity if not managed properly.
  • Make Use of Batch Processing: What I mean here is to apply similar ideology to your work. In other words, have a specific time when you read and reply to all messages in a batch process. Use a schedule that makes sense to you — you could read and answer your emails once or twice a day, depending on what is convenient to you.
  • Set Rules for Yourself: If you really want to maintain a healthy, productive career as a freelancer, you definitely should consider setting up a clear set of rules and follow them consistently with the people around you.

How to Stay Productive and Focused While Working Online by Sam Stieler

Essentially, you need to adopt the mindset of not getting too in depth with anything. Instead of getting a ridiculously specific focus, you’re going to want to take a macro view of the work you’re doing. You aren’t producing so much as connecting and linking things together, almost like a switchboard operator that connects disparate information instead of phone lines.

How To Stay 100% Laser Focused Working Online – 8 Strategies That Will Help You Get Results Instead Of Sidetracked by Tracey Rose

1) Keep the email checking to a minimum.
2) Turn off Facebook!
3) Think about your business like you would an offline business.
4) Keep a notepad next to you.
5) Work Out! When Billionaire Entrepreneur Richard Branson was asked what is the KEY to PRODUCTIVITY … his answer was … WORKING OUT!

Branson says exercise gives him 4 hours more productivity per day – and it totally makes sense. When you exercise, your body and mind is more alert and focused.

6) Plan your day the night before.
7) Get in a routine.
8 ) Have your goals/dreams in front of you.

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